Sterling Silver Hammered band with Rose and Yellow Gold- Pathway Wedding band

Item Description

Marriage is a mersion of two souls. In a perfect marriage each person keeps their individualism yet compliments and supports the other so both bloom and grow.

2 beautiful souls walking side by side down the path of life.

Two individual strands, one of solid 14kt Yellow Gold and one of 14Kt Rose Gold are wire wrap around this thick Sterling Silver Hammered band and nestle beside one another. The band cradles the strands to support and protect them. Like the union of marriage support one another.

The Sterling band is hammered to create a nice reflective speckled texture. This beautiful Hammered texture is a adapted from the original Pathway band that is also available in my shop.

The ring measures 7mm wide and is 2mm thick at the bases, tapering in to 1mm thick in the middle where the two Gold bands wrap around it.

Rings will be custom made in your size once it is ordered (size 5-9 at this price). Please specify ring size upon check out and allow 10-20 days to complete and ship once it is ordered.

GOLD RINGS ARE MADE FROM 100% RECYCLED GOLD. Feel happy in your choice to help the envirornment and not mine more gold by choosing one of my rings for your wedding day!

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